Why We Clean with Essential Oils

There's a reason that Chores & More has chosen to use quality products infused with essential oils. It's because essential oils are so good for the body and soul! I'm not just saying this, either - it's a proven science.

Essential oils are proven to reduce stress, battle depression, induce healing and wellness, boost the immune system, regulate sleeping patterns, and even eliminate physical aches and pains. Plus, essential oils smell so damn good.

For our standard cleanings, we've chosen to use products from the Mrs. Meyer's line - a line of products are made from plant-derived ingredients and infused with essential oils. These products are free of chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. An added benefit? The company is 100% cruelty-free and does not test on animals. We've specifically chosen to use the lavender-scented products, because we truly believe that it's among the most beneficial of the essential oils. Not to mention, the floral aroma of lavender is undeniably delicious.

The Mrs. Meyers website relays the following on its lavender cleaners:

"Lavender is cherished for its relaxing scent that is both soothing and tranquilizing. Its natural cleaning power helps rid homes of dirt and grime while adding a burst of fresh fragrance. Lavender's aroma-therapeutic ability to relieve fatigue is an added bonus."

We've also decided to offer chemical-free cleanings for those who are organic. Our 100% chemical-free cleaners are also infused with essential oils, which make the cleanings equally as effective and leave your space smelling amazingly fresh.

It's time to enjoy a better you. Gain a sense of control, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, keep your mind at ease and garner positive energy from your newly-cleaned, beautiful space. Call Chores & More today for a complimentary estimate; your road to success and relaxation awaits you!

Chores ♥

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