Meet Your Manager: Part I

Hello, everyone!

Laura Natoli here – connoisseur of clean homes and co-owner of your favorite cleaning service, Chores & More! I wanted to introduce myself a bit so that you guys can learn a little more about me, because who wouldn’t want to know about the person cleaning their home? Before the days of Chores & More, I studied acting at LIU Post and graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After college, I spent most of my time auditioning and trying to pursue my dreams of being an actress, all while working menial day jobs. If I am being totally honest with you all, the constant rejection time after time in the audition room started to wear a little thin, and my desire to audition slowly dwindled away. Traveling all the way from Long Island to Manhattan at 4:00 a.m. and waiting around for hours in a cramped room with 300 other ladies, only to get to sing five seconds of a song, is not a part of the dream I ever enjoyed. However, I can’t imagine a life where I do not get to be a performer. While my ultimate goal is still to one day make it as a successful actress, I’ve discovered a newfound passion of mine within the last two years – stand-up comedy! In a sense, it really fulfills the same desire that acting does for me; I still get to perform, but now I get to play myself on stage and talk about whatever is important to me. I get the chance to write my own “script” and tell my own story, and there’s really nothing better than that! The only downfall for stand-up comedians is when we totally bomb our performances on stage, we cannot blame it on the character, script or director, because it is just us up there, but that’s a whole different blog post! The biggest problem, just like acting, is making a successful career in stand-up comedy. This past summer, I moved to Brooklyn with my trusted fur-companion Zelda (and you guys, I love this cat more than life itself) in order to be closer to the comedy and acting scene, thus making it easier to achieve these goals. Now, I know what you are asking yourself. “How do you go from wanting to be a performer to owning a cleaning business?” Not really a clear trajectory there. Well, let me explain!

Since college, I have bounced from job to job, never really finding the right fit. Let me clarify that I am talking about survival jobs – jobs I had strictly to pay the bills; not career jobs. I have done everything from waitressing, hostessing, to working via office jobs and retail stores, to being Bubbles the Party Clown. Yeah, you read that right! I was literally a clown who performed for children at their birthday parties in a flashy dress and knee-high rainbow socks (these were not among my proudest moments). I continued to bounce around from job to job until I joined a cleaning company. Surprisingly to everyone (including myself, honestly), this was one of the best jobs I have ever had! I enjoyed a flexible schedule and meeting all kinds of people. Plus, who doesn’t feel a sense of pure satisfaction from making things sparkle and shine? Although I loved this job, I still didn’t feel totally fulfilled and felt the need for more, as did my best friend and co-owner, Holly, who also worked with me at the time. Similarly, Holly also graduated from college in a field that is extremely difficult to land a career in. We both needed to have a job that would afford us the proper income we would need to survive with enough flexibility to pursue our other endeavors in our spare time. Yet, when we came home from our sometimes-12-hour shifts, we would be extremely tired with no spare time to pursue anything else. We have always been determined to do great things together, and one of our goals included starting our own business. One day it hit us – venturing off and starting our own cleaning business was something we needed to pursue. That, combined with our desire to provide more services than your average cleaning company, Holly’s genius idea for what to call the business, and a lot of help from our cleaning dad Al, Chores & More was born.

Now, let’s be honest, if you told 12-year-old Laura that she would one day be a cleaning lady, she would say that you were crazy. It’s not considered a glorified profession, but at Chores & More, we consider ourselves to be much more than just cleaning ladies. Take it from me: the simple act of taking pride in your work automatically turns any “undignified” position into something really meaningful. Aside from taking pride in our work, what also really sets us apart is the relationship we have with our clients. Going into someone’s home is something extremely personal and we do not take it lightly. You want someone that you can trust 100-percent with your home, your possessions and most importantly your pets (and I suppose now is a good time to remind you that pet care is also a service we provide *wink*)! We take the time to ask what your specific needs are and what areas of your home you would like us to focus on, because our biggest goal is to leave our clients feeling satisfied at the end of the day. We strive for you to feel as though a couple of your friends are coming over to make your home look and smell beautiful.

Anyway, that’s enough about me; this cleaning lady has to go make her own kitchen sparkle and shine! Thanks for reading and learning a little more about me and the history of Chores & More!

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