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Why We Clean with Essential Oils

There's a reason that Chores & More has chosen to use quality products infused with essential oils. It's because essential oils are so good for the body and soul! I'm not just saying this, either - it's a proven science.

Essential oils are proven to reduce stress, battle depression, induce healing and wellness, boost the immune system, regulate sleeping patterns, and even eliminate physical aches and pains. Plus, essential oils smell so damn good.

Meet Your Manager: Part II

Gooo0o0ood afternoon, beautiful family, friends and clients!

So, you all had the pleasure of reading all about Laura earlier this week, and so we thought it’d be a good idea to also tell you a little bit about myself!

Obviously, you all know that my name is Holly – or as I always say, your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady. I’d call myself your friendly neighborhood cleaning business owner, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. My duties within this lovely business include writing and editing all blog posts and post submissions by all colleagues and readers, working on this beaaaautiful website you see before you, keeping track of the books, updating our social media handles, attending and sending out estimates, and, of course, servicing YOU! Blogging, marketing, copywriting and designing websites are just a few of my passions. I graduated from Hofstra University with my bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2013 (ugh, I’m old) and immediately know that I wanted to be an engager. I wanted to post on social media, talk to people and blog my life away. Unfortunately, finding a job in journalism is extremely difficult because most writing jobs are on a freelance basis. I worked a few full-time gigs in cramped corporate offices and, let me tell you guys, I absolutely HATED sitting on my butt for 8+ hours a day. My health started to decline in so many ways, and I knew I needed some kind of a change. I reached out to Laura, who hooked me up with an awesome cleaning business owner. She owns a successful business and I was totally inspired by her. I enjoyed the flexible hours and, since I was her assistant, I enjoyed obtaining that managerial experience. Unfortunately, on my end, I still didn’t feel totally fulfilled. I never liked working under people and I knew that I had a lot of great ideas, so I knew that my calling was to work for myself. After many conversations with Laura, we decided to venture off on our own, thus establishing the birth of Chores & More.

Meet Your Manager: Part I

Hello, everyone!

Laura Natoli here – connoisseur of clean homes and co-owner of your favorite cleaning service, Chores & More! I wanted to introduce myself a bit so that you guys can learn a little more about me, because who wouldn’t want to know about the person cleaning their home? Before the days of Chores & More, I studied acting at LIU Post and graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After college, I spent most of my time auditioning and trying to pursue my dreams of being an actress, all while working menial day jobs. If I am being totally honest with you all, the constant rejection time after time in the audition room started to wear a little thin, and my desire to audition slowly dwindled away. Traveling all the way from Long Island to Manhattan at 4:00 a.m. and waiting around for hours in a cramped room with 300 other ladies, only to get to sing five seconds of a song, is not a part of the dream I ever enjoyed. However, I can’t imagine a life where I do not get to be a performer. While my ultimate goal is still to one day make it as a successful actress, I’ve discovered a newfound passion of mine within the last two years – stand-up comedy! In a sense, it really fulfills the same desire that acting does for me; I still get to perform, but now I get to play myself on stage and talk about whatever is important to me. I get the chance to write my own “script” and tell my own story, and there’s really nothing better than that! The only downfall for stand-up comedians is when we totally bomb our performances on stage, we cannot blame it on the character, script or director, because it is just us up there, but that’s a whole different blog post! The biggest problem, just like acting, is making a successful career in stand-up comedy. This past summer, I moved to Brooklyn with my trusted fur-companion Zelda (and you guys, I love this cat more than life itself) in order to be closer to the comedy and acting scene, thus making it easier to achieve these goals. Now, I know what you are asking yourself. “How do you go from wanting to be a performer to owning a cleaning business?” Not really a clear trajectory there. Well, let me explain!